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Pat and Donna Team … where do we start? We started with us meeting in February of 2000 and becoming friends and business partners right away. Both natives of Asheville, we started out one client at a time. We took every class we could take and worked with each client with knowledge and integrity. Being partners made it easier to work because we each had help. At some point along the way, we realized we needed more help and hired an assistant. From that point on it was “Katie bar the door” for us. Our first buyer’s agent came on board the team and we were cruisin. Our first listing agent joined us. Then we hit 2005 and most days we didn’t know whether we were coming or going. We were having the best time and then 2008 swooped down on the world, and we learned that nothing lasts forever. Talk about and education. Our listing specialist quickly became our short sale specialist. We all had to learn new lending requirements and gradually swing the pendulum from wildly loose to insanely tight loan processes. So now we have been fortunate enough to have two additional buyer’s agents and a lead listing specialists plus more support staff join the team. Every day is still a new day for us.

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