Asheville Home Buyers

Buying a home actually is a destination and not a journey. There are so many factors for the buyer and, in turn, their agent, to consider.

Our first step as agents is to determine exactly what the buyers need and want. We start our consultation process by discussing the clients price range. It is detrimental to the entire process to show homes to a client who cannot afford those homes, so, if the client has not spoken with a lender already, we suggest some lenders in the area for them to talk to and get a pre-approval to buy a home. This will tell us the price range to look in for this particular client.

Once we have a price range, we can search for the home of their dreams.

Factors to consider include, but are not limited to:

  1. Location
  2. Size of the home
  3. Number of bedrooms and baths
  4. Size of land
  5. Closeness to work or shopping or interstate or airport
  6. Do they need a basement or garage
  7. Condition of the home

And the list can go on. Once we understand exactly what our client is looking for, we can narrow the choices down to a few homes that best meets their needs. We then show our clients this list. Within this list, it is our hope that we find the exact home for our buyers.

Negotiating an offer becomes the next task and, is often the most important part of the process. A good buyers agent will be able to look at the home and advise the clients as to an offer to place on the table. There are many factors to consider and many ways to structure an offer. In some cases, the offer is accepted as written but more often than not, a counter offer from the sellers will be received. Again, a great agent will be able to advise the buyers or the buyers will know how they want to go forward. Most of the time, the offer will come together as what we at Keller William like to call a WIN-WIN.

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