Giving Back With Asheville Back To School

Pat & Donna Back To School Asheville

The Pat & Donna Team is so happy we had the opportunity to run a “Back To School” campaign in Asheville where we collected so many school supplies for children in need! The recipient was Oakley Elementary School located on the east side of town, Franklin School of Innovation which is a charter school on Sardis Rd, Fairview Elementary, 2 Teachers at Leicester Elementary, and Madison Early College. A huge THANK YOU to all of the wonderful folks in our Asheville area community who helped make this happen.

Exciting News from Freddie for Investors

If you are a real estate investor or (possibly more importantly) want to become an investor, help is on the way.  In recent years, lending for investment properties was so limited that only the independently wealthy could establish a solid portfolio for income or retirement.

Changes Effective on October ​24, 2015​

1.  Freddie Mac says lenders can now lend on 6 properties instead of 4.
2.  Lenders can offer an 85/15 loan to value ratio
3.  You no longer have to have two years of property management experience in order to use rental income in qualifying for a loan.
4.  Freddie removed the rental loss insurance requirement in place for income to be included as qualifying.

​Just Get Started

Figure out how much you can put down.  If you have $15,000 to start your portfolio, you can buy a $100,000 property, etc.  Just figure out what you can do and do it.

Advice From and Expert ​

We listened to advice from Ben Kinney this past week.  He started by buying a home and moving into it, fixing it up and selling it in two years and then buying another property and doing the same thing. He is now one of the most respected brokers and investors in the world.  He started with nothing but a dream.  Look him up when you can.  It will be worth your time.
Pat Puckridge

I admit I am a FoodNetwork addict.

I admit I am a FoodNetwork addict. The television series, Chopped, is one of my favorite shows.  The premise behind the show is 4 competitors, 3 courses, and a basket of 4 mystery food items for each cooking round.  Each chef is allowed 20-30 minutes to prepare each course. Judges will then critique the prepared dishes. One chef is “chopped” each round for failing to impress the judges with: creativity, presentation, and taste.  Yes, you may think it sounds pretty easy, especially  if your mystery basket was full of butter, flour, milk, and bacon.  Well, I could easily whip up a delicious plate of biscuits, gravy, and bacon with a basket like that.  However, the difficulty arises when the mystery basket of ingredients are so strange or such an odd combination that you don’t know where to start.  Items such as: eel, dried shiitake mushrooms, haricot vert, and bran cereal to be used for the appetizer round, or flour tortillas, prosecco, avocado, and roasted chestnuts for the dessert round. What!…Who cooks like that?


Well, as I was watching “Chopped” last night, I was thinking about the similarities of chefs on this show and homeowners who want to sell their house.  Yes, definitely an odd comparison but I have an odd way of looking at things (at times.)


Bare with me as I reveal my mystery basket of chef and homeowner similarities…


  1. What’s in the basket:
      1. Chopped Chef: a protein, vegetable, starch, and nut
      2. Homeowner: bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, and den
  2. What to do with the items first:
      1. Chopped Chef: slice it, dice it, fry it
      2. Homeowner: clean it, paint it, hide it
  3. Now what?:
      1. Chef: does this protein require cutting with or against the grain, how do I transform a vegetable into a dessert, will this starch work with that nut, will it cook in time, did I overcook it
      2. Homeowner: how much do I clean out, what color and which walls do I paint, should I fix that hole or just cover it up, replace or repair, do I worry about the baseboards or the bathrooms
  4. Would it help to have someone help me:
      1. Chef: yes, call the master chef…he/she will know what to do
      2. Homeowner: yes, call The Pat and Donna Team…they always know what to do

Now imagine you, the homeowner, you want to sell your house and it’s up to you to choose the 4 rooms to improve, 20 minutes per room to make a plan, a budget, and a timeframe.  YOU WILL BE JUDGED! The buyers who come to partake of the wonderful features noted in the MLS are your judge.  They will decide which house is best for them based on: location, presentation, upgrades, and price…if your house is not chosen it will be chopped.  So do you go it alone or do you get the help from one of the professionals at The Pat and Donna Team?  Would you like to use a lifeline…wait, that’s a different show.  Till next time.


Why great real estate agents ask you to come into the office before showing you homes.


Have you ever driven by what you thought was the perfect home, grabbed your phone, called the agent

right away so you could see the home, only to be completely let down when you went inside? Do you

wonder why agents ask you to meet them at the office instead of at a property? The answer is

simple…A professional real estate agent needs to get to know you before going out to any property.

They need to know your likes, dislikes, your motivation for buying, your top 5 “must haves” things you

cannot live without. They need to dig deep and have a great interview. They need to know what your

budget is. There is nothing worse than finding that “perfect” home only to be let down because the

price is out of your budget. They know your time is valuable and strive to be the best agent for you.

They are not tour guides or door openers. It is their job to know what is on the market, to have

previewed homes that meet your needs, to know what neighborhood(s) is going to be a good fit. It is

their job to make sure what you see is something that meets all your needs. A professional agent should

be able to show you 5 homes that match what you are looking for. If you and your agent see 5 homes

and nothing works, it’s time to go back to the basics! It’s time to sit down and review what you have

seen, why they wont work and review what you’re looking for. Another reason many people don’t think

about is safety. Agents are aware of the risk of meeting new clients at a property. We need to be safe,

know who we are working with and insure that we are compatible with our clients. Imagine meeting

your new agent in a parking lot, jumping into their car for a full day of viewing 15 homes for the next 9

hours. Now imagine that for whatever reason you and this person cannot seem to communicate or you

simply don’t have matching personalities. Now you’re stuck for an entire day with someone you don’t

like! Wouldn’t you rather spend one hour in our office, going over your wishes and then seeing what

matches what you are looking for? We know buying a home is one of the biggest purchases you will

ever make. It is our goal to guide you through the process from start to finish and make is as enjoyable

as possible.


By Shelia King

Back To School in Asheville with Pat & Donna

Back To School Asheville NC

So many kids in our local Asheville area community need “Back To School” items. Our children have a long list to shop for, and sometimes the funds just aren’t there. So the Pat & Donna Team at Keller Williams of Biltmore Village is having a Back To School campaign and fundraiser to help our little ones in need. Join us in supporting education and our next generation. Thank you!

Do you want to live in the best place in the world?

kw22310702There is just nothing better than living in these Western NC mountains!  It’s gorgeous, the mountains are just beautiful, well…..and the people are the best!

I am a native of Asheville and the truth is I would not live anywhere else.  You will find many people here who feel the same way about Asheville and the surrounding areas.

If you are looking for the next place to find a home, it just may be Asheville, NC.  If you have to move to another place, please let our team help you.  We can make it simple and efficient…..we sure would hate to see you leave Asheville, NC…..sometimes you just don’t have a choice!

Please contact us at 828-277-8685.  We want you to live in the best place in the world!

Donna Prinz

This is …….Real Real Estate

The most valuable service I can provide my client, is the ability to educate my clients in all areas of a real estate transaction, so I send can send my clients towards a direction that will benefit them not only short term but long term as well.
We have an obligation to our clients to do the right thing and if this means holding off to close the deal on another day, that is exactly what we should do.
I recognize that by doing these things, I can forge a relationship that will last a lifetime. For me this is a win/win scenario. Success with people starts and ends with trust and honesty. The communication of these core values through your words and actions undoubtedly will send you to the front of the pack.
This is …….Real Real Estate
Heather Hines

Let’s Build a House

I’ll just go out on a limb and say  that building a home can be one of the most stressful life events ever.  Even though you may know exactly what you want in a house, you still have to be able to impart that to an architect and then to a builder.  So many things can be lost in translation and then there is the fact that you might realize you were wrong…go figure…about what you thought you wanted.  And then….where do you put light switches, light fixtures, doors, paint colors, flooring…on and on.  Not to mention, if you have a significant other, you need to agree on those things.  Therein lies the stress part.  Once you’re done, you most likely will love the finished product.  Most likely you will still have your significant other.  But will you have your sanity?  YOU WILL!  And you will have created a space that you can love and enjoy for many years to come.   Go out and find that particular piece of heaven that is perfect for you and your family.  Find a great builder and go for it!  You will not be sorry.

STOP and Smell the Roses!!


kw22310702 By Donna Prinz






WOW!!! Who can keep up this pace? NO ONE!



Here are some ideas that may help you keep your sanity:


  1. SLEEP – Get enough SLEEP!! You hear this everywhere; you read it everywhere….It’s true! “Just do It!” In the long run your body will thank you.
  2. TIME BLOCK – Make sure you check your calendar each day for the next day to be sure you are not scheduled too tight where you feel like you can’t breathe.   The feeling of running so hard you can seem to breathe, is not a good feeling and does not help you with your health or your goals. In fact, is just plain bad for your attitude.
  3. BREAKS – If you are in your car, pull over somewhere and take a few minutes to regroup. You may mediate or pray or just stay silent for a few minutes. This really helps to get you centered again and will help you think. If you are in your office, go take a short walk. Get out and feel the sun and just relax for a little while. This is a great attitude adjuster.
  4. TIME BETWEEN APPOINTMENTS – Be sure to give yourself enough time between your appointments! That’s why you look at your calendar the day before….just in case you need to reschedule something. Try your best not to “run” from one appointment to another. Running from one appointment to the next is not good for you, your clients, or the people who work with you. Take a breather!
  5. ENCOURAGE OTHERS – This will give you more energy than you can imagine! Giving encouragement to others actually boosts your endorphins and the endorphins of the person receiving the encouragement or compliment. You will be blessed by lifting others up!!
  6. JUST BREATHE – Watch how you breathe……Are you using really short breaths or are you really taking time to do some deep breathing. Try it. I promise the deep breathing takes a lot of stress off your system! Enjoy the beautiful scenes of Asheville, NC Mountains as you breath in the fresh air!!







The REAL Real Estate

Our number one job as real estate professionals, is to educate homeowners in order to facilitate the transaction of real property. By doing this we save clients time, trouble, and money.  Being an expert in real estate brokerage means that you have thorough knowledge of ALL the many different fields that a real estate transaction can encompass. Economics, Financing, Law, Governmental Programs and Foreclosure are to name a few.

Since 2008, foreclosure has been a hot topic. Thankfully, realtors are encountering instances of foreclosure less and less. However, there are  homeowners that will continue to face this problem and will need our help.
Recently, I was contacted by a realtor 3 days prior to a home going into foreclosure, wanting help for their client. At this point there was nothing we could do. Time is of the essence when facing a foreclosure sale date and unfortunately the client went into foreclosure. If I had been contacted a few more days prior more than likely we could have stopped the foreclosure sale date. In the end, this deal is dead, time and money wasted, and a client went into foreclosure. In my opinion very poor service provided. Unfortunately, I see this over and over again.
If you have a client who may be underwater, and you do not know what to do, refer the deal to someone who does. It is that simple. Ask the tough questions regarding payoff to mortgage lenders at the beginning of your listing, request a payoff amount from the mortgage lender and calculate your numbers on the seller side of a preliminary hud. These few steps will allow you to correctly advise your client and move forward to a win/win situation for all parties involved. Again, we are here to save time, money, and trouble to successfully close the DEAL!!!!!
This is REAL real estate.

Heather Hines