Buying a home in Asheville can be complex

Buying homes in Asheville can be complex. We have areas that offer the nightlife of downtown Asheville; we have South Asheville that has close shopping, lots happening, and the huge Biltmore Park that offers movies, music, and fabulous dining. Then we have the more rural areas such as Candler, Canton, some areas in Weaverville, Brevard, and many more. These areas, in my opinion, are the epitome of what these Blue Ridge Mountains are all about. When you contact your Realtor there may be a multitude of areas that you may find attractive so be open and yet specific to what you are looking for. Here are some things to consider when preparing your “must haves” and “do not want” lists when you buy your home. Besides the normal bedrooms and baths there are some additional things to consider.

Do you want land? This can require lots of time and maintenance on your behalf. If you are considering a home on a small lot, drive around the neighborhood at all hours of the day. Know the traffic in and out of your neighborhood in the early morning, and around 5:00. It can be very revealing and help make some final decisions.

Also, various heating sources in some of the homes in the area have different maintenance requirements for you to be aware of. Do your homework on these mechanics of your potential home. And lastly, Western North Carolina has different levels of elevation which means in the winter we have snow! Usually not significant snowfall but even small amounts can cause havoc in the area due to rural roads, etc… (It’s fun though!) Be aware of your school closures if you have school aged children. In the winter months, the school systems have to close schools sometimes due to liability of running the buses in bad weather conditions.

These are just a few of the “Asheville” questions you may want to consider when beginning your search. We are always here to help you with your search and find the home you are looking for. You’ll love it here!

We’re looking forward to meeting you!

Misconception #1

Misconception #1- Advertising a property is the solution to selling your home quickly.

Yes, advertising a property is an important factor. However, it is only one out of three components that help contribute to your house being sold. Marketing a property involves the promotion of your home, presentation of your home, and the right pricing of your home. When a homeowner achieves all three components simultaneously, he or she will sell their home the fastest and for the most money at the closing table. The logical step to take in order to reach this type of success, would be to hire a licensed real estate professional. Realtors are trained to help facilitate the sale of real property. Listing agents, specifically focus on the 3 components mentioned above to help their clients succeed at the closing table.

To help you better understand how this system works in more detail, please contact the Pat and Donna Team KW Biltmore Village!

Our main objective as real estate professionals is to help educate our clients to a successful closing!
Heather Hines

Can I work from home?


When you hear a realtor say “I can work from home”, what does that REALLY mean?  That means we are going to call YOU!!  Everyone of you.  These are our special days when we get to touch base with all our family, friends, business associates, peeps, acquaintances, people we met in line at the grocery store, people we met in line at Verizon Hell, people we ran into the back of on the interstate exit ramp…you are all on our list.  Just plan on building in a good fifteen minutes because we will be dialing your number.  We love you and we are going to call you $@!!# it!

Pat Puckridge

Round Table Discussion

Here are some words from our team round table this week to share with you:

“Asheville Keller Williams office was #21 in the WORLD in profitability!”

Donna Prinz  –  Owner/Broker


“We are seeing so many multifamily buyers and sellers this year.  Investors are ready to buy!”

Pat Puckridge  –  Owner/ Broker


“Do you need reasonable professional property management?  We have an app for that:

Asheville Phoenix Properties!”

Tina Hill  –  Lead Buyers Agent


“HAFA program for short sales is allowing up to 10K to homeowners for relocation incentive!”

HAFA info link:

Heather Hines  –  Listing Agent/Short Sales Specialist


“We are entering our busy season on the property management side of real estate and are appreciating the opportunity to take care of so many clients property needs and helping owners determine what is the best use for their properties!”

Carolyn Black  –  Leasing Agent/Broker


“Helping to answer questions from buyers this week about zoning and underground storage tanks I found some good info to pass along to buyers and sellers regarding these two subjects (see the links below).

I was out in Buncombe, Polk and Henderson County with out of town buyers this past weekend it was gorgeous; I love Dupont Forest- what a gift!!!

Emily Welsh  –  Buyers Agent

Contact #’s and Links for  Underground Storage Tank Info:

North Carolina Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources
Asheville Regional Office
Division of Waste Management – Underground Storage Tanks
2090 U.S. 70 Highway
Swannanoa, NC 28778
Tel: 828-296-4500
Fax: 828-299-7043

UST Rules, Guidance, Updated GCLs, MSCCs, Trust Fund Info and more:   

2010 Reasonable Rates and Pre-Approval documents   

NON – UST Petroleum Releases:   

Link for Zoning definitions and Code of Ordinances Buncombe County NC: