Exciting News from Freddie for Investors

If you are a real estate investor or (possibly more importantly) want to become an investor, help is on the way.  In recent years, lending for investment properties was so limited that only the independently wealthy could establish a solid portfolio for income or retirement.

Changes Effective on October ​24, 2015​

1.  Freddie Mac says lenders can now lend on 6 properties instead of 4.
2.  Lenders can offer an 85/15 loan to value ratio
3.  You no longer have to have two years of property management experience in order to use rental income in qualifying for a loan.
4.  Freddie removed the rental loss insurance requirement in place for income to be included as qualifying.

​Just Get Started

Figure out how much you can put down.  If you have $15,000 to start your portfolio, you can buy a $100,000 property, etc.  Just figure out what you can do and do it.

Advice From and Expert ​

We listened to advice from Ben Kinney this past week.  He started by buying a home and moving into it, fixing it up and selling it in two years and then buying another property and doing the same thing. He is now one of the most respected brokers and investors in the world.  He started with nothing but a dream.  Look him up when you can.  It will be worth your time.
Pat Puckridge