Keller Williams Biltmore Village-The Pat and Donna Team

Biltmore Village is such a quaint​,​ yet extraordinary​,  place to visit! It was the brain child of George Vanderbilt. He hired prominent New York architect, Richard Morris Hunt, who had previously designed houses for various Vanderbilt family members.

Vanderbilt’s idea was to replicate the working estates in Europe. He had Richard Morris Hunt and Fredrick Law Olmsted (landscape architect) design Biltmore Village to be extremely compatible in style and landscaping as that of the Biltmore House and estate grounds.

At the time the village included rental cottages, post office, doctors office, school, and a church. The church today is know as the Cathedral of All Soulsteam-shots-123456

Today Biltmore Village includes new stores, shops, and some of Asheville’s top restaurants.

​I​t is the perfect night out for foodies and friends! Biltmore Village is a “can’t miss” opportunity in Asheville, NC. 
​While you are here just go the street and visit The Pat and Donna Team!  We would love to see you.