Loan Application Checklist

_____Picture ID with Social Security Number
_____Payment to cover application fee.
_____Name and complete address of all landlords (past 2 years).


_____Employment history, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and length of time with that company (past 2 years).
_____Copies of your most recent pay stubs and W-2 form (past 2 years).
_____Verification of other income (social security, child support, retirement).
_____If you are self-employed: Copies of signed tax returns including all schedules (past 2 years), and a signed profit and loss statement for the current year.
_____If you are retired: tax returns (past 2 years).If you have rental property income: Copies of all lease agreements.


_____Copies of all bank statements from checking/savings accounts (past three months).
_____Copies of all stock/bond certificates and/or past statements/retirement accounts.
_____Prepare a list of major household items and their values.
_____Copies of title documents for all automobiles, boats, or motorcycles.
_____Face amount, monthly premiums, and cash values of all life insurance policies (Cash value may be used for closing costs or down payments.
_____You need documentation from the carrier indicating cash value).


_____Credit cards (account numbers, current balances, and monthly payments).
_____Installment loans (car, student, etc.) Same details as for credit cards.
_____Mortgage loans (property address, lender with address, account numbers monthly payment and balance owed on all properties presently owned or sold within the last 2 years). Bring proof of sale for properties sold.
_____Childcare expense/support (name, address, phone number).


_____Bankruptcy – bring discharge and schedule of creditors.
_____Adverse credit – bring letters of explanation.
_____Divorce – bring your Divorce Decrees, property settlements, quitclaim deeds, modifications, etc.
_____VA only – bring Form DD214 and Certificate of Eligibility.
_____Retirees – bring retirement and/or Social Security Award Letter.

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