The Pat and Donna team is BOLD and here is how BOLD will help you….our client.

At Keller Williams we believe that knowledge is power. The entire Pat and Donna team is enrolled in a training called BOLD. In this training we are learning how to be better Real Estate Consultants to help our clients achieve their goals and climb to the next level of their lives.

During BOLD we have learned “BOLD” laws which we apply to our business. While business is important, our personal lives are just as important. We believe these laws apply to every aspect of our lives and want to share them with the most important people in our business….you, our client.

BOLD law #1

What you focus on expands.

When you were a teenager did you ever have to have that one special pair of jeans? I mean … the jeans you couldn’t live without, the jeans that make everyone turn and stare, the jeans that would change your life. You longed for those jeans, you looked at them in the store window, begged and pleaded with your parents promising chores, straight A’s , anything and everything….you had to have them! After all EVERYONE had them. Everywhere you turned someone was strutting along in your jeans! The jeans became foremost on your mind above almost everything else…that is until the style changed and your mind moved onto something else. This applies to every aspect of our lives. If we focus on the negative, negative things happen. On the flip-side, if we focus on the positive, positive things happen. At the Pat and Donna Team, we choose to focus on our clients and on providing them with outstanding service. We help you stay focused on what is important to you and your family …regardless of where you are in your home buying and/or selling process. We choose to focus on YOU so you can focus on what’s most important for you.