What’s important to YOU?


What’s important, to YOU, about selling your house?  Is it because your family is increasing and you want a bigger house? Your children have left the nest and you want a smaller house? A larger yard for the children to play, or the pets to roam, and a new tractor? A smaller yard with less to mow? Closer to family? Farther from family? Closer to the conveniences of town? Privacy in the country?  What is your motivation?


Can you see it?  


Can you see yourself somewhere other than where you live now?  Is the picture clear?  Your conscience mind creates the picture of your new surroundings.  If you close your eyes, can you see your family and friends gathered in your new backyard, smell the burgers grilling on the barbeque, and hear the bounty of laughter from the children playing; the joy of one another’s company brings warmth to your soul.  STOP! was that painful? Okay, if that picture just left you clamoring for privacy and you are now  a nervous wreck, let’s try this again.  Close your eyes  and imagine yourself sitting outside on your new front porch surrounded by thick foliage, the fresh aroma after a gentle rain, the rustling of  the leaves as the wind blows through the trees, and the gentle rhythm of the babbling brook; only the sounds of nature and the turning of the page fill your ears.  Is this your motivation?


Are you ready to dig deeper?


Discovering the true motivation behind selling your house will decrease a huge amount of stress you will feel as you endure the tedious task of having your home “show ready” at all times. The answers behind your motivation will reveal how open and willing you are to negotiate an offer and whether you are truly ready to sell and move.  Asking yourself more questions…and the right questions… will reveal the reality behind your motivation.  Your surface desire shows up in a bigger house, a smaller house, more or less privacy, and the list goes on…deeper is where you find the answers.  Are you ready to find your motivation?


Are you ready for the journey?


The Pat and Donna Team’s tagline is “We are all about real estate,” but the deeper meaning behind the slogan is YOU, “We are all about YOU.”  Entering into a committed journey to help navigate you through one of the biggest decisions and largest financial transactions you will face, and helping you discover if selling is right for you is what we do best.  YOU are our motivation!